The goal at BODI is to provide a fitness and lifestyle culture that challenges you to become your best. At BODI, we bring out your inner athlete to make you feel strong, empowered and unstoppable.  We have established an environment where each individual, whether a fitness novice or a professional athlete, can succeed and be motivated to go beyond.  A variety of equipment and training methods are used to provide innovative, effective and efficient workouts to put you to the test each and every day. While our members may have different goals, we all work toward a common end:  continuous improvement!  We train with focus and passion because we know our best is yet to come.


Nikki is the owner of BODI, a high-intensity gym in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is a Nike Master Trainer, Mike Boyle Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and the 2015 Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star”.  After managing a highly successful group fitness gym in downtown Chicago and nominated as one of city’s Hottest Trainers, Nikki  moved to Arizona to pursue her ambitions to open a high-intensity gym in Scottsdale and raise the standards of the local fitness community.


Through the years, Nikki has trained athletes of all levels and has mastered a variety of styles with a focus on high-intensity strength and conditioning.  As a Nike Master Trainer, Nikki travels the world working with Nike-sponsored athletes, creates workouts for the Nike Training Club (NTC) app, and leads NTC classes for thousands.  She can even be spotted in some Nike campaigns and commercials. As the Women’s Health magazine’s “Next Fitness Star”, she was featured in and on the magazine cover and produced her own workout DVD with the brand.


Nikki’s training methods are functional, effective and efficient.  She loves nothing more than to leave a training session drenched in sweat and feeling awesome! She aims to energize, inspire and push her clients to be their best and to realize it is more than just training, it’s a lifestyle. With her infectious spirit, Nikki is the force that propels BODI and fosters the culture of being better and stronger.


Nick, co-owner and CFO, oversees the day-to-day operations at BODI. A sports and conditioning specialist, Nick is no stranger to athletics having played college baseball.  The “behind the scenes” strategist, Nick is often found in class being challenged by none other than his wife, Nikki or volunteering as a Little League coach.


Madison is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach (Pn1) with Precision Nutrition. A trainer and gym manager at BODI, being fit and active have always been a priority for Madison. The benefits of fitness and its’ impact to the overall quality of one’s life became evident in her journey to succeed as a professional dancer. Discipline, self-confidence, and resilience are just a few of the traits Madison gained as she pursued her dream. She spent one season as a NBA dancer for the Utah Jazz and three seasons with the Phoenix Suns.  Combining her passions for health and movement, Madison’s goal as a trainer is to push you past your personal limits toward a healthier and fit lifestyle.


Sarah, a Certified Personal Trainer, is an Arizona native who grew up in a family where fitness, athletics and outdoor adventure were commonplace. Recruited by the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) to compete on their Division 1 Cross Country and Track team, Sarah became an All-American in the 1500 meter and contributed to two National Championship Titles.  One of the most significant impacts from her experience at Oregon was the valuable lessons learned as part of a dedicated team and the rewards from hard work and camaraderie. After graduation, Sarah sought an outlet that would channel her passion for fitness while inspiring and guiding others to a healthier lifestyle. Moving back to the Valley of the Sun, Sarah started working out at BODI and encountered the team culture that promotes success and growth. Sarah’s strength as a trainer is her desire and ability to instruct and motivate with skill, authenticity and commitment.


A fitness enthusiast, Kaileigh grew up with a strong passion for sports and physical activity. She attended Arizona State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.  After college, she added certifications in personal training and group fitness. Kaileigh is featured in the November 2015 publication of Scottsdale Health magazine. Kaileigh fell in love with BODI during her first workout when she experienced the team atmosphere and contagious energy.  Her goal as a trainer is to provide encouragement and enthusiasm to members while challenging them to be their best.


Harper, a Certified Trainer and fitness enthusiast, is a New Jersey native who grew up in a family where sports and physical activity were a part of everyday life.  She attended Arizona State University where she obtained a BA in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Marketing. While in college, she spent one season as a NHL dancer for the Phoenix Coyotes.  This was an organic transition as Harper had been dancing competitively since she was 5 years old.  Working for a professional sports organization she was exposed to the self discipline, dedication and camaraderie from a team of athletes — she was hooked on the skill set & lifestyle it took to be a true athlete. After college, she began her professional career hosting/reporting for the MLB Colorado Rockies, NHL Colorado Avalanche, MLS Colorado Rapids and ESPN X Games.  Evolving her career to working for lululemon she continued her fascination with the storytelling of athletes and how they trained to keep their mind & body right — there truly landed her passion for fitness & a healthy lifestyle.  A fitness fanatic herself — she loves to mix things up with yoga, HIIT, pilates, spin and her favorite is her passion for boxing.  Harper’s goal as a trainer is to push you to your physical limits, when your mind tells you no more she’ll be there to encourage you and tell you 10 more. Expect to leave Harper’s class feeling accomplished, with a big, fat smile spread across your face.


Ramsie is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) and Health coach from Montana where the mountains, sports fields, and fitness facilities were always familiar to her and her family growing up.

As a previous collegiate softball athlete, her career was halted by health complications that later paved her true passions towards her Bachelors in Exercise Science (Health & Human Performance), Psychology, and Minor in Nutrition that she obtained from the University of Montana.

Ramsie has been a part of the Health and Fitness Industry for the past eight years and has accredited her personal setbacks through Ulcerative Colitis and faith towards her true motivators as a HIIT Trainer, Softball Coach, Speed & Strength Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer.

In the beginning of her education, her route was towards Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, however, you will quickly notice her undeniable passion for people, human movement, nutrition, and PREVENTION! She is hungry to alter other’s mindset from “I have to” to “I get to” when it comes to any mental or physical task; and wish others to thoroughly enjoy all little things in life.

Whether you see her on a field, turf, yoga mat, or with boxing gloves, you will find her drenched in sweat.

Ramsie’s goal as trainer is to push your body to its limits in order to find that inner strength and confidence you deserve to feel.

Even if she loses her voice more often than not, just know it’s from cheering you on!

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